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The Masters of International Program won The Best Paper Award


Congratulations!! The Master's second year classmates of International Program for Interaction Design and Innovation won The Best Paper Award from MD2020

Research Paper:Speculative Design for Self-Health Monitoring Patch

Member:Muhammad Ainul Yaqin (金含明), Vu Hong Lan (武鴻麟)

AdvisorRyan, Sheng-Ming Wang (王聖銘)

The infliction of COVID-19 worldwide has forewarned humanity of the insufficiency in the healthcare system, especially health care workers and health care resources. In a pandemic like this, countermeasures are necessary to elevate the healthcare system to the next level and in this paper, using speculative design as a key is the proposal to digitize healthcare services into an e-system, a mobile application, or a wearable health monitoring system that is capable of biomedical measurement that collects real-time health information from the user and provides a health monitoring service to improve users' daily lives and change their habits. This innovative systemizer project contributes to people's health, well-being, and the sustainable development of future medical services.



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