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Graduate students won the Keelung Hackathon_Big Data Planning Application Award


Congratulations! Rishuo students won the Keelung Hackathon_Big Data Planning Application Award

Contest name: "Keelung Hackathon

Work title: "GreenRoad·Keelung Deep Roaming Bicycle Shop"

Design Team: Xiao Yiting, He Jinlun, Wang Cixuan, Lin Jiyuan, Xu Zhijie

Instructors: Sheng-Ming Wang, Ko-Chiu Wu, Saiau-Yue Tsau, Yi-Ting Huang

Work description: "GreenRoad·Keelung Deep Roaming Bicycle Shop" is committed to creating sustainable and resilient cross-border bicycle lanes, linking bicycles in Taipei and New Taipei Road, as well as Keelung's unique coastline landscape, link Keelung's local culture and special attractions, through the construction of single lanes, increase the flexibility of tourism traffic, guide the flow of people from popular attractions to less popular surrounding attractions, and live in the local area. industry, stimulate consumption and increase the popularity of people, and drive the overall economic development. Based on data analysis, the Keelung cultural resources and tourism data were taken into account, and a tourism database was established from different perspectives such as population hotspots, online discussion content, and scenic spots, and put forward suggestions for "single-lane construction routes", and based on tourists' personal preferences Condensed into a "one-stop tourism information platform".

Award Announcement Link: Official Website Announcement


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