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2022 Taipei Smart City 1+7 Call for Applications

The Taipei City Government actively develops smart cities. Based on the concept of "government issues, industry solutions", it invites industry players in the smart city field to demonstrate the feasibility of innovative solutions in the Taipei market. Please refer to the following description for relevant information:

· Application period: from May 3 to June 2, 2011.

· Case topic: Smart Taipei website case call area

Invite private industry, academics and research units to lead the feasibility of innovative solutions, jointly cooperate with the Taipei City Government, create public-private cooperation field verification results, and expand the evidence base. On-site Restoration", "Innovative Lost Prevention Technology Service Solution", "Safety Island Waste Disposal AI Detection Plan", "Sightseeing Bus Combined with AR Virtual Reality" and "Taipei Pass Automatic Drafting Interface Function", etc., a total of 11 case topic.
Interested private industry, academics and research units are invited to register and submit applications. If you have any questions about the application in the field of smart city 1+7, please refer to the contact information below, and we will assist you~

Contact Window : Mr. Li
Tel: 02-2720-8889#1515#279
Email : taipeismartcity@gmail.com
Website link : https://smartcity.taipei/matchtopdown
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