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Students of Department of Interaction have won 2022 Golden Pin Design Awards


Congratulations! Students of Department of Interaction have won 2022 Golden Pin Design Awards

Competition Name: Golden Pin Design Awards

Work Title: The Legend of the Scent



Once reputed to be one of the most renowned traditional dramas, shadow puppetry has gradually declined due to the rise of the film and television industry. Given that, we hope to recreate the former glory of shadow puppets through interactive stop-motion animation technology. The Legend of Takeo was brought to life accordingly. The Legend of Takeo, an interactive movie, is composed of non-linear film chapters,allowing the audience to experience manipulating the puppets as if they werepuppeteers. People now get the chance to explore this almost lost traditional entertainment. In addition, since shadow puppetry has developed and is deeply rooted in many countries, we hope that Taiwanese shadow puppetry can also be well presented to audiences around the globe. As a result, we adopted bilingual subtitles (Chinese and English) and English dubbing so that the beauty of shadow puppetry is appreciated internationally. Standard puppet gestures are applied for interaction, so the audience has the chance to learn the basic operating gestures while watching. And because it is an interactive movie, the audience gets to decide how the story ends. It brings more fun that people see different endings depending on which option they take.

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