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Yi-Ting Huang


Yi-Ting Huang
Telephone Numbers
02-2771-2171 ext. 8914
TitleAssociate Professor
Research category Digital Interaction Advertising/ Interaction Design Creativity / Gamification Design / Behavior Insights/ Physiological Psychology

Ph.D. in the Design, National Taipei University of Technology.
Master of Industry Design, National Cheng Kung University.
B.S. in Industry Design, Tung Hai University.

Now :
Associate Professor, Department of Interaction Design, National Taipei University of Technology.
Director, Association of Digital Culture Taiwan.

Academic Experience :
Associate Professor, Department of Commercial Design, Chung Yuan Christian University
Assistant Professor, Department of Commercial Design, CYCU.

Director, Industrial Talent Cultivation Center, Office of Career Development, CYCU.

Practice Experience:
Marketing Director, Tivo Taiwan
Marketing Manager, corega Taiwan
Field Marketing Assistant Manager, PTC
MarCom Specialist, Acer Inc.


2020   Merit Award of National Excellent Innovative Curriculum and Teaching Competition for University Teachers.

2020   Best Practice Award of 2020 International Conference on Advancement of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

2019   Corning Future Innovator Teacher Contribution Award

2018   Excellent teaching Award of the whole school, CYCU.

2014-2010 Best Advisor Professor, Times Young Creative Award.


Journal Papers

Yi-Ting Huang * (2021). A product planning course that inspires students be each other’s coaches of problem thinking and presentation. Journal of Teaching Practice and Research on Higher Education 4(2), 37-68.

Na YuYi-Ting Huang* (2020). Important Factors Affecting User Experience Design and Satisfaction of a Mobile Health App—A Case Study of Daily Yoga App. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 17 , 1-17. (SSCI, IF=2.849)

Yi-Ting Huang* & Syu-Lun Huang (2020). A Study of Cooking Broadcasters’ Behavior. Design Research Annual , 8, 103-128. (TCI-HSS)

Yi-Ting Huang* (2018). The female gaze: Content composition and slot position in personalized banner ads, and how they influence visual attention in online shoppers. Computers in Human Behavior , 82 , 1-15. (SSCI, IF=5.03)

Yi-Ting Huang*; Sheng-Fang Su (2018). Motives for Instagram Use and Topics of Interest among Young Adults. Future Internet , vol.10 , p.77-89. (ESCI;IF=2.03)

Yi-Ting Huang*& Tian-Jia Liu (2018) Tracking Consumer Brainwaves to Investigate the Effect of Mobile Commerce’s Numerical Information on Consumers’ Purchase Intentions. Electronic Commerce Studies , 16 , 103-135. (TCI)

Yi-Ting Huang* & Kuan-Yu Lin (2018) , The Impact of Effect Lines and Dialog Balloons on Comic Readers’ Emotions, Design Research Annual , 6 , 27-56.(TCI-HSS)

Yi-Ting Huang*;Yi-Hsuan Chou (2016). The Effects of Online Apparel Photo Code Compositions to Enhance Women's Purchase Intention. International Journal of Communication and Media Studies, 6, 1-10.

Yi-Ting Huang* & Po-Hao Wang (2016). The Segment Communication Effectiveness of Advertising Messages for Students Recruitment. Design Research Annual , 4, 1-24.(TCI-HSS)

Yi-Ting Huang* (2015). Participatory Design to Enhance ICT Learning and Community Attachment: A Case Study in Rural Taiwan. Future Internet,vol.7, 50-66. (ESCI;IF=2.03)

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Chih-Hong Huang; Yi-Ting Huang* (2011). A New Approach to Achieve e-Inclusion with ICT Education in Rural Taiwan. Communications in Computer and Information Science, 260-268. (EI)

Yao-Sheng Tsai; Yi-Ting Huang*; Wen-Chin Lu; Shou-Jen Bien(2010). Leading to Blue Ocean through Culture Originality- The case of Franz’s Culture Value added and Branding Strategy. Journal of e-Business, 147-170. (TSSCI)

Conference Papers

Yi-Ting Huang & Men-Jhong Lee 2021.05.15 The Analysis of Mukbang ASMR Videos Watching and Visual Attention –A Case Study of Hongyu’s Mukbang ASMR Video of Munching Rainbow Sweets. 2021 CID Conference, Taipei

Yi-Ting Huang & Na Yu .2021.05.15 The Gamification Design of Reading and Learning APP. 2021CID Conference, Taipei

Yi-Ting Huang & An-Di Gong. 2020.10.17. The Chinese Fans’ Online Fan Engagement in Idol Nurturing Reality Programs Context 2020 CID Conference, Taiwan.

Yi-Ting Huang; Sih-Jie Guo 2020.10.24. The Structure of SROI in Solidarity Economy - A Case Study of ATAYAL Jian-Shi Agriculture Supported by the USR Program from National Taipei University of Technology. 2020 International Conference on Advancement of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, Taiwan.

Na Yu& Yi-Ting Huang. 2020.09.27. Literature review on the user experience of fitness Apps2020 The 22thLeisure, Recreation, and Tourism Research Symposium, Taiwan.

Na Yu& Yi-Ting Huang. 2020.06.08~12. Parking APP design based on user experience, 2020 21st Sustainable Development Management Symposium ,Taiwan .

Yi-Ting Huang. 2020.05.30. Innovative Teaching Practice of BTS as Peer Coach- Teaching Method to Inspire Creative Debate and Planning Ability. International Conference on Higher Education, Innovative Teaching and Demonstration 2020. Taiwan.

Yi-Ting Huang;Hao Chang, 2020.5.15. A Study on the Sound and Light Effects of the Three Acts Structure of Superhero Movies. 2020 CID Conference, Kaohsiung.

Yi-Ting Huang & Yi-Ting Chou. 2019 .5 .25. Different Game Types and Material Preference for Mobile Game Addiction. 2019 CID Conference, Taichung.

Tsai-Men Ho;Min-Yen Lee;Yi-Ting Huang 2018 .10 .19。Blessing is hard to share, the challenge of solidarity economy: a case of community brand fruit。2018 Tunghai Conference on Social & Solidarity Economy , Taichung

Yi-Ting Huang & Yi-Ting Chou.  2018.5.26. Investigation on Students' Negative Attitudes and Behaviors towards Watching Mobile Game Ads, 2018CID Conference, Taiwan.

Yi-Ting Huang & Lai-Sha Yip. 2017.5. 27 . Different visual manifestations of online shopping product information for women's bags affect consumers' eye movements and attention, 2017 CID Conference, Taichung.

Yi-Ting Huang & Sheng-Fang Su, 2017.5. 27 . A Preliminary Study on the Sensory Stimulus Analysis of Marvel Superhero Movie Trailers, 2017 CID Conference, Taichung.

Yi-Ting Huang & Syu-Lun Huang.2016.12.09. An Analysis of the Facebook Advertising Effectiveness on Hotel ‘s Personalized Ads ImagesInheritance vs Innovation: Creativity from Hybrid Culture(IICHC2016) The 15th CYID International Conference, TaoYuan .

Yi-Ting Huang & Lai-Sha Yip. 2016 .10 .28 Omni-channel Consumers’interest preferences survey on visualized promotional information of dual screen, 2016 International Conference on Social Design and Brand Packaging, Taiwan .

Yi-Ting Huang*;Hong-Fa Ho, 2015.4.10~4.11. Camera Perspectives Influence of Apparel E-commerce Images on Visual Attention and Consumer Purchase Interest: Evidence from Eye Tracking, The International Conference on Social Science, Education Management and Sports Education (SSEMSE2015), Beijing.

Kuan-Yu Lin& Yi-Ting Huang, 2015.5.16. Discussing the Recognition Degree and the Click Intention of the Interface Elements of the Call for Action Button in the E-newspaper of Group Buying Network, 2015 CID Conference, Taiwan .

Ting-Wei Dong & Yi-Ting Huang, 2015.5.16. The influence of the graphic form and placement of the in-site recommendation system of the apparel online shopping platform on consumer decision-making, 2015 CID Conference, Taiwan .

Yi-Ting Huang, 2014.05.17 Applying narrative thinking and metaphorical design to the development of cultural product design concepts of form appropriation .2014 CID Conference, Taiwan.

Yi-Ting Huang & Po-Hao Wang, 2014.05.30. Discussion on the Relevance of Visual Design and Information Communication in College Admissions, 2014 Industrial Design Marketing and Innovation Service Management Academic and Practical Conference, Taiwan.

Chih-Hong Huang; Yu-Lun Chien; Yi-Ting Huang, 2013.12.21. The Cooling Effect of Tree Canopy on Thermal Environment in View of Enthalpy, The 3rd International Conference on Green Buildings Technologies and Materials, Malysia.

YiTing Huang*;Hung Hsiang Wang, 2010.12. Differential Approach of Design Image and Similarity Cognition, International Conference of Design Creativity 2010 (ICDC2010, Kobe, Japan)


Research projects in Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education

2021 MOST Project "Research on Fan Engagement, Celebrity Worship, and Program Commitment under Podcast Media Communication” (MOST 110-2410-H-027-021-SSS)

2020-2022 University Social Responsibility (USR) Project of the Ministry of Education "Aboriginal Tribal Settlement Construction and Natural Agriculture Branding Project”. NTUT Design College.

2019  The Teaching Practice Research Project of the Ministry of Education "BTS Teaching Method of Design Department Inspiring Creative Idea Discrimination and Commodity Market Practice”

2018 University Social Responsibility (USR) Project of the Ministry of Education "Solidarity Economy, Cultural Partners-Taoyuan Dahai Community Cultural Innovation Project”. CYCU.

2017 MOST Project: Research on the Influence of Visual Composition and Placement  of Personalized Online Advertising on Consumer Attention (MOST 106-2410-H-033-034-)

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