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Hsiao-Mei Lin

E-mail: lydia@mail.ntut.edu.tw
Contact Number: 02-2771-2171 Extension: 8918
Title: Lecturer-level project teacher
Research Areas: Smart Architecture/Artificial Intelligence/Internet of Things/Design Thinking/Innovation and Entrepreneurship/Game Design/Gender Studies and Interaction Design
Personal website: no
Teaching resources web page: no
Consultation time: link Tuesday (Tue) 09:10 ~ 13:10 (Please contact by Mail first to confirm the time~Thank you)

Education :
• National Taiwan University of Science and Technology - Department of Architecture, School of Design - Ph.D.
• National Tsinghua University - Department of Information Engineering, School of Electronics and Resources - Master/Bachelor
• National Taichung University of Science and Technology-Department of Asset Management-Associate Degree (2017 Outstanding Alumni)

Award-Honorary Awards:
• 2017 Top Ten Young Women of the Republic of China (Science and Technology Invention).
• 2014 Anita Borg Scholars Alumni Planning Committee at Global Google Anita Borg Alumni Community. (Executive Committee of Global Google Anita Scholarship Alumni Planning Committee (selected from 15 global scholarship winners over the years))
• 2011 Microsoft Imagine Cup Worldwide Final Champing, New York, USA. (World Champion)
• 2011 Microsoft Potential Creativity Cup Taiwan champion, national team. the
• 2011 Honorary member, The Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society of the Republic of China.
• 2010 Women Techmakers. (a.k.a Google Anita Borg scholars ) Google Women Techmakers Scholarship.
Experience-Professional Technology
• 2023 National Taipei University of Technology, Department of Interaction Design, project teacher
• 2016 National Taipei University of Technology, Department of Interaction Design, part-time teacher
• 2021 Meiheng Company, CEO
• 2020 Taiwan Data Science Co., Ltd., Chief Strategy Officer
• 2018 Honghui Group Youka Intelligent (Shares) Co., Ltd., Chief Operating Officer
• 2012 Co-founder and General Manager of HEX, Inc.
• 2010 Research Assistant, Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica
Experience - Public Affairs
• 2016 Executive Yuan Youth Advisory Committee, member.
• 2016 New Taipei City Government Youth Affairs Committee, member.
• 2018 Ministry of Science and Technology MOST Industry-University-Research Link Center / Value Creation Project, review committee member. the
• 2018 SBIR plan of the Small and Medium Enterprises Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, member.
• 2019 Executive Yuan Technical and Vocational Education Review Committee, review member.
• 2021 TRUST-U program, National Science Council Research Entrepreneurship Program, review committee member (~NOW).
• 2021 Executive Yuan President Cup Hackathon, selection committee (~NOW).
• 2021 Executive Yuan Science and Technology Conference Report "Digital Transformation of Cloud Generation Industry" - Leading the digital transformation strategic plan for small, medium and micro enterprises, consultant.
• 2021 Taichung City Government Transportation Bureau, Mass Rapid Transit System Special Building Change Application Review Committee, member, (~NOW). the
• 2022 New Taipei City Government Youth Bureau, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Credit Guarantee Financing Loan, Entrepreneurship Consultant (~NOW).

Experience-Public Welfare and Social Influence
• 2013 MICROSOFT IMAGINE CUP Microsoft Potential Creative Cup, final judge. (Taiwan)
• 2014 MICROSOFT IMAGINE CUP Microsoft Potential Creative Cup, final judge. (Hainan District, China)​​
• 2014 Google Scholars' Retreat 2014 in Beijing, Aug.11-12, 2014. (Google Awards Ceremony Guest of Honor, Zhongguancun, Beijing)
• 2015 IGNITE International Women's Hackathon, organized by MozTW Taipei.
• 2015 International Women in Science and Technology Network (INWES APNN) Taiwan Branch - Taiwan Society of Women in Science and Technology (TWiST) / Director (~Now).
• 2015 ART Taipei New Art Fair Top 100 Celebrities Showing Compassion, News Group Editor, Taipei World Trade Center. (Personally invite 40 celebrities to help with painting, and donate the full amount to the Jiafu Foundation).
• 2015 Girls Make Games Workshop, project host. (Promoting STEM Education: Scratch Programming Activity).
• 2015 National Federation of Fire Equipment Engineers Association of the Republic of China, Secretary General.
• 2016 Taiwan Association of Disaster Prevention Industries (TADPI), Deputy Secretary General.
• 2016 Asia-Pacific B-type Enterprise Association, director. (Promotion of Benefit Corporation, a social welfare company).
• 2017 Executive Secretary of the Disaster Prevention Science and Technology Committee of the 70th Council of the Chinese Society of Engineers. the
• 2020 Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Association, the first and second executive directors, and the second director. the
• 2022 1st and 2nd UK Prudential Innovation Institute, jury member (~Now).
• 2022 InnoServe's 27th College Information Application Service Innovation Competition, final review.

Public Speaking - English:
• 2015 APEC PPWE Speaker, “WE BOSS Project,” Manila, Philippines.
• 2016 APEC PPWE Speaker, “WE BOSS 2.0 Project,” Lima, Peru. 
• 2016 APEC PPWE BEST AWARD Certified, Lima, Peru. (HEX Dynamic Evacuation System )
• 2017 Global Entrepernuer Week (GEW) Speaker, “Disaster Prevention - Dynamic Evacuation System”, St. Peterburg, Russia.
• 2018 UN/NGO CSW(62th) Event Host, “What she thinks, she becomes,” New York, USA. (United Nations NGO Parallel Conference)
• 2018 Global Entrepernuer Submit (GES), “Disaster Prevention - Dynamic Evacuation System”, Hyderabad, India.
• 2018 INWES APNN Speaker, “Disaster Prevention - Dynamic Evacuation System”, Hanoi, Vietnam.
• 2020 IEEE GLOBECOM Speaker, 5G AND BEYOND 5G: VISION AND RESEARCH CHALLENGES, Taipei, Taiwan. (Global Communication Conference)
• 2021 APEC YIE FORUM Speaker, “DIGITAL INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP,” Taipei, Taiwan. (APEC Regional Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program of the Ministry of Education).

Public Speaking - Chinese:
• 2010 COSCUP Open Source Annual Meeting, Topic: AndroidVG.
• 2015 COSCUP Open Source Annual Meeting, Topic: Women Techmakers.
• 2015 Microsoft YouthSpark highlights the final results of the New Generation Youth Dream Building Project, a special presentation.
• 2021 National Taipei University of Science and Technology Department of Books and Journals Discussion, Topic: AIoT Artificial Intelligence and the Ubiquitous Internet of Things.
• 2021 National Cheng Kung University Department of Industrial and Information Management, Semiconductor Manufacturing Course Topic: AI Artificial Intelligence Application.
• 2021 Department of Industrial Engineering Management, National Yangming Chiao Tung University, Semi-conductor Smart Manufacturing Management Course Topic: AI Artificial Intelligence Application.
• 2022 Tsinghua University Institute of Learning Science and Technology, Lecture Topic: Flexible Artificial Intelligence and Sensing Technology Development Trend.

• 2022 Department of Electrical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, book and newspaper discussion topic: The third wave of artificial intelligence is coming! Exploring the metaverse and digital twins. the
• 2022 Northern Internet of Things Intelligent Manufacturing Base, topic: AIoT artificial intelligence and ubiquitous Internet of Things
• 2022 IBM Data Leadership Dialogue Talking about Lin Data, topic: AI artificial intelligence application.
• 2022 Soochow University Accounting Department book discussion, topic: How to use AI to create advantages for accounting career.
• 2022 Acer Group employee internal training, topic: AIoT artificial intelligence and ubiquitous Internet of Things.
• 2022 1111 Human Bank Taiwan Industrial Golden Decade Forum, Topic: Shortage of workers, tsunami, shortage of technological talents.

Awards - International Awards:
• 2016 iF Design Award (HEX Dynamic Evacuation System), Munich, Germany.
• 2016 APEC PPWE BEST AWARD Certified, Lima, Peru. 
Awards - domestic awards:
• 2010 Ministry of Education Embedded System Design Contest for Colleges and Universities, champion. the
• The 2010 Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Bureau Open Source Code Innovation Application Development Contest, champion.
• 2010 Foundation Industrial Technology Research, Junior College PAC Cup Software Competition, champion.
• 2010 GARMIN Scholarship, Winner.
• 2010 Novatek Novatek Scholarship, Winner.
• 2011 The 11th Macronix Golden Silicon Award, winner.
• 2011 Taiwan Ministry of Education Centennial Open Software Creation Contest, gold medal.
• 2013 FITI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incentive Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Entrepreneurship Potential Award.
• 2015 Ministry of Economic Affairs Women's Entrepreneurship Flying Goose Project - Women's Entrepreneurship Elite Competition (Social Enterprise Group), runner-up.
• 2015 MICROSOFT IMAGINE CUP Microsoft Potential Creative Cup, Mooooo team, masterpiece, instructor.
• 2016 The 23rd Innovation Research Award for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and New Venture Business Award.
• 2016 The 14th Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Innovation Business Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Traditional Industry Group, Silver Award
• 2017 Social Innovation Experimental Project of the Small and Medium Enterprise Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, first place.
• In 2017, the Smart Application Group of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs won the second place.
• 2019 Minsheng Public Internet of Things Data Application Contest, topic: Good partners of fire management managers - scouting post and reporting horse boy, shortlisted for the semi-finals, instructor.
• 2021 The 17th Technical College Computer Animation Competition of the Ministry of Education, excellent work, instructor. the
• 2020 AI IN TAIWAN, Industrial Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, runner-up, team leader.
• 2022 Ministry of Education Artificial Intelligence Competition and Labeling Data Collection Project (AI CUP) Interpretive Information Labeling Project Competition for Natural Language Understanding, excellent work.

Academic Achievements - Journal Papers:

1. H.-M. Lin, C.-Y. Lin, C.-H. Wang, and M.-J. Tsai, “A Novel Mechanical Fault Diagnosis Based on Transfer Learning with Probability Confidence Convolutional Neural Network Model,” Applied Sciences, vol. 12, no. 19, p. 9670, Sep. 2022, doi: 10.3390/app12199670. [Online]. Available: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3417/12/19/9670 . (SCI)

2. H.-M. Lin, S.-H. Chen, J. Kao, Y.-M. Lee, C.-Y. Lin, and G. Hsiao, “Applying Active Dynamic Signage System in Complex Underground Construction, ”International Journal of Scientif

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