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Hsiao-Yue Tsao

Telephone numbers:886-2-2771-2171 ext. 2809、2876、8901
Title:Professor / Chair
Research category:Display Technology / Interactive art / Gender Studies and Interactive Science and Technology



2006 National Taiwan Normal UniversityArt Institute of Fine Arts Education and Administration
2000 National Taiwan Normal University Art Institute of Western art history group master
1998 National Taichung University of Education 87 Bachelor of Arts in Education
1994 The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University Art experimental class third graduation
1991 Hsinchu Chien Hua Junior High School Graduated from the Fine Arts Gifted Class


< Now >
Associate Professor, Institute of Interactive Media Design, Taipei University of Science and Technology        Interactive Art Labs Moderator        University of Arts and Culture Center of the Republic of China Association, China Creative Development Association        Vice President of China Graphic Design Association        Taiwan Science and Technology Art Education Association        National Language Weekly Art columnist, Qiao Lianzhi magazine editorial review

< Before >
Director, Arts and Literature Center, National Taipei University of Science and Technology
National Taipei University of Science and Technology Secretariat of the Public Relations Group Leader
Lecturer, Department of Visual Communication, Nantai University of Science and Technology
National Taiwan Normal University, Ministry of Education to promote part-time lecturer
Members of the Committee on the Development of the History of Taiwan's Local Art History
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts "Taiwanese art Dan Lu" teaching website construction plan host


< Seminar papers >

  1. "Using traditional guatemalan textile patterns and designs to inform about guatemalan culture with aid from AR technology", 11th International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities (DADH 2020), Taipei City, 2020/12/01
  2. "Recognizing Situational Color and Facial Emotions through Children’s Interactive Games", ICDTE 2020: 2020 The 4th International Conference on Digital Technology in Education Busan Republic of Korea September, 2020, Busan, 2020/09/15
  3. "Usability in APP interface designing for the elderly with low-vision, from Taiwanese and Thai people", 2nd IEEE Eurasia Conference on Biomedical Engineering, Healthcare and Sustainability 2020, Tainan, 2020/05/29
  4. "Augmented Reality Navigation App and Metadata Icon Design for Children’s Library", World Library and Information Congress 85th IFLA General and Assembly,, Athens, 2019/08/24
  5. "Effect of Virtual Reality at Exhibitions on Visitor Experiences Underpinned by Museum Studies: “Seeing The Past Through The Present – The Virtual Reality Of The Taipei West District Beimen VR Tour”", IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON KNOWLEDGE INNOVATION AND INVENTION 2019 (IEEE ICKII 2019), Seoul, 2019/07/13
  6. "Game-based Learning and Augmented Reality Navigation APP for Children’s Libraries", 2019 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics-Taiwan (ICCE-TW), Yi-Lan, 2019/05/20
  7. "Design thinking learner's imagination in design computational thinking course learning outcomes.", The 2nd international conference on global challenges of traditional education and distance learning: reflections and concerns (TEDLR-2019), Taipei, 2019/05/16
  8. "The use of Instagram in public libraries and academic libraries in Taiwan", IEEE 2019 International conference on applied system innovation (ICASI), Fukuoka, 2019/04/11
  9. "A Case Study of “Taipei (West District) Geographic Public Art project:Effect of virtual reality content curation on social education", ISER 178th International Conference, Taipei, 2018/12/26
  10. "An innovative interface design for a learning website for adolescent seeking information in science research", IEEE 2018 International conference on applied system innovation (ICASI), Chiba(千葉), 2018/04/17
  11. "Interface Layout Design: Assisting Children to Effectively Establish the Hierarchical Knowledge by Micro-interaction.", IEEE 2018 International conference on applied system innovation (ICASI), Chiba(千葉), 2018/04/17
  12. "Gender Stereotype of Male Nurse in a Virtual Reality Game: Exploring the Effect of MBTI in Decision-Making Process Through Game Theory", IEEE 2018 International conference on applied system innovation (ICASI), Chiba(千葉), 2018/04/17
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