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Lung, Chi-Hao

Telephone numbers:02-2771-2171 ext 8910
Title:Associate Professor
Research category:Virtual andCyberspace  /  Post-Human Culture  /  Digital UI and Hyper Body phenomena  /   Digital Arts

Education :
   University of Sunshine Coast, Australia    Master of Digital Design, Griffith University, Australia    Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Fine Arts

Now :
   Associate Professor, Institute of Interactive Design, National Taipei University of Science and Technology    Associate Professor, Department of Visual Communication, National Taiwan University of the Arts

Academic Experience :
   3D Animation, Taipei Practice University Lecturer    National Taiwan University of the Arts Department of Visual Communication, Lecturer    Institute of Applied Arts, National Chiao Tung University, China    Associate Professor, Department of Visual Media Arts, University of South China

Practice and Awards Experience:


  • Designer, Marui Advertising Company, Taipei
  • Creativity as animation and product design

<Works and Exhibitions >

  • 2016 From the East and End in the West ”in89 Choice Twenty-Four-Seven”, in89 pier-2 Cinema
  • 2016 From the East and End in the West ”On Site, Visual”, EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park
  • 2015 Development of new type patent of “the reconstruction of viewport interactive projection mapping” patent No. M521852
  • 2015 “My First Show” program exhibition held by Ministry of Culture, Huashan Meeting Room
  • 2015 The Depth of Superficiality - interactive projection mapping installation, NTUT Art Center Design
  • 2011 Taiwan Digital Art Pulse Stream Plan —The Second Phase Next Body, huashan1914 Creative Park
  • 2011 Summer style exhibition, PiaoPiao Gallery
  • 2010 Childhood-Taiwan '70s Generation Artist Group Hong's Foundation for Education & Culture, MEME SPACE, TOSEE ART
  • 2009 The Flash-Taiwan '70s Generation Artist Group, Hong-Gah Museum 2009 The Second Big Bang-the new age of human evolution, Project Art Gallery Wollongong NSW Australia
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