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New work published by Professorr Chien-Wen Cheng: The Flowing Collage of Time and Space.


The new work published by Mr. Zheng Jianwen in our department: A mobile collage of time and space

Exhibition name: C-lab 2021 "Sound Art Festival"
Title of Work: A Flowing Collage of Time and Space
Music preparation: for clarinet quintet and Max/MSP interactive computer music system (composition / Zheng Jianwen ;Video Design / Liu Yinsheng)

Mr. Zheng Jianwen of our department was invited by Mr. Lin Yijun of National Tsing Hua University to collaborate with Mr. Liu Yinsheng’s music and video design. This Sunday (11/28 Sunday) C-lab 2021 "Sound Art Festival" will be the last We also welcome colleagues and classmates from the department to listen to the performance in one day.

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