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Professor Saiau-Yue Tsau won the LAFA Best Virtual Reality Award


Congratulations! Professor Saiau-Yue Tsau won the LAFA Best Virtual Reality Award

Competition Name: LAFA Los Angeles Film Awards

NTUT Professor Saiau-Yue Tsau's new VR work "Blue Tears Episode 1" (Blue Tears), which combines history, ecology and love with Mazu's blue tears, recently Won the Best Virtual Reality Award at the Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA 2022), and let the world see Taiwan. The blue tears, selected by CNN as one of the 15 natural wonders of the world, is a phenomenon induced by the rapid growth of plant plankton. It can only be enjoyed in Matsu from April to June every year. It requires southerly wind, water temperature, ocean current, It will only appear when conditions such as tides work together. Saiau-Yue Tsau from Matsu was adapted into "Blue Tears Episode 1" based on local legends. A teenager returned home by boat with antiques, old wine, etc., but was caught in a storm. On the occasion of life and death, the night when he confessed his heart to the girl appeared in his mind: she tied a blue bead bracelet for him, and he promised that when the 12th full moon came, he would return with full wealth and love, and in the eternal blue tears. Witnessed by her for a lifetime. In the illusion but the truth, the teenager saw the girl standing by the agreed sea cliff and shed tears, and wanted to wipe her tears... Become the majestic and beautiful blue tears that the world sees today. Saiau-Yue Tsau said that "Blue Tears Episode 1" combines the 4Dviews technology of the Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Cultural Content Strategy Institute, through a digital shooting system composed of 48 4DV-EX-Z cameras and high-sensitivity full-color sensors , shooting dynamic pictures without dead ends, presenting Taiwan's environmental ecology and cultural elements with the latest somatosensory technology, creating a profound immersive experience of "Blue Tears Episode 1". Saiau-Yue Tsau is the head of the Department of Interactive Design of NTUT and the director of the Metaverse XR R&D Center. Her award-winning experience includes winning the New York Film Award (2020) for her animated short film "Walking with Love and Loneliness", and her exhibition experience includes being shortlisted for WRPN Women International Film Festival (2021), Ma Shou Paper Sculpture Charity Sale Exhibition (2020), "Female Trend Femi Flow-Female Subject and Artistic Creation Exhibition" (2018-2019), etc.

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